Suraksha VTS
for Police

Suraksha for police, fire and Rescue Services

Suraksha VTS for police, fire and rescue services

Surakhsa VTS a safeguard feel for police and other authorities, knowing where and how our school vehicles are being used and can provide the public an accident free transport for a better tomorrow.

With two way communication system, we can monitor and redirect alternate routes in traffic control through setting routes from/to different locations. Suraksha VTS acts as an Emergency Response System which is an effective reactive system during emergency situations which is first of its kind ever to have implemented. SOS (Save Our Soles) communication with Police, Fire & Safety and Ambulance.

RTLS solution has been developed with the focus of providing precise real time visibility, maintainability safety and preventing doctors, nurses and all hospitals staff from assaults. ESSi staff tags, with programmable buttons and status lights, have been designed to replace traditional badge cards with an embedded Mifare inlay inorder to offer a fully integrated solution where one card can be used for many different purposes.

Alert Management

  • Details of Schools under each Police Circle offices
  • Details of School buses under each Police Circle Offices
  • Real time information of school buses in digital maps
  • Can track lively and can act accordingly
  • Can track those drivers with Over speeds, Harsh breaking & Rash driving
  • Effective communication with the speeding vehicle
  • Route details through real time tracking
  • Centralized data management and two way communication
  • Route details through real time tracking
  • Indicates school buses not going under normal situations
  • Can track school buses which are running more than scheduled time period
  • Any time communication with the School bus drivers
  • Can execute the accident rescue operations