Suraksha VTS
for hospitals

Suraksha VTS for Staff/Patient/Mother & Baby tracking

RTLS ( Real Time Locator System)

Essi Offers best in class RTLS systems including powerful active RFID readers, tags and highly customizable application software that address complex operational requirements of healthcare providers. Patient can be automatically located and tracked in real time with highest levels of security in a hospital environment without any affect on existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

RTLS solution has been developed with the focus of providing precise real time visibility, maintainability safety and preventing doctors, nurses and all hospitals staff from assaults. ESSi staff tags, with programmable buttons and status lights, have been designed to replace traditional badge cards with an embedded Mifare inlay inorder to offer a fully integrated solution where one card can be used for many different purposes.

Real time locating and tracking

  • Finds and locates any patient or medical staff within the facility
  • Follows the trail path for a selected tag (person/asset) for any time scope
  • Locates and monitors status of all tagged assets and medical equipment (available/ in use)
  • Monitors all tags on a real time dynamic map

Alert Management

  • Zone enty or zone exit limitations
  • Minimum number of required medical staff in a specific zone
  • Proximity alarms (two tags with minimum or maximum distance)
  • Unauthorized tag removal or tampering
  • No movement longer than a set period of time
  • Emergency button pressing
  • Exceeding allowed limits in temperature and humidity
  • Specific settings for different time periods (day, night, weekend, holiday etc)