Suraksha @ Campus

A cutting edge system in latest design and technology enhancing security management and operations inside the campus.This is a system which includes effective zonal wise tracking of security personals by using a web based system. By the help of GPS / AGPS (assisted GPS) having GPRS functionality, the position of the security personnel having the GPS device is located and the current location of that particular security personal is mapped and shown in Web system.

Geo fencing feature enables zonal wise splitting of regions inside the campus which will be integrated with the web system in our system. If a security personal with the GPS device moves from the assigned zone to an unauthorized zone, the system will identifies the movements and by calculating the personals latitude and longitude values through GPS, the system will immediately updates with the server and the information is displayed in the map through an alert mechanism.

A Monitoring system that tracks the activities of Security personals inside the Technopark Campus.

  • Diverting unauthorized vehicle or vehicle with unauthorized personnel into the visitors lane for further verification.
  • CCTV cameras for security management and monitoring
  • RFID reader for security personals to validate the RFID tags of the employees.
  • Effective two way internal communication system for security personals.
  • Internal private network for a secured internal communication and data exchange
  • Panic button with alarm system for emergency situations
  • Immediate notification to fire force, ambulance and rescue department during emergency situation for effective rescue operations
  • Real time display of the particular zone where emergency situation has occurred in web based maps so that rescue operations can be initiated immediately.
  • Public announcement system for generic awareness and security assistance
  • Heat seeking cameras at the main gate to detect any unauthorized person hiding in the vehicle.
  • Seismic alarm system for earth quake alerts.
  • ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) for security patrolling
  • Electric and taser guns for security personnel whenever human interference is needed.
  • Electric fencing for areas of interest inside the campus