Our Inspiration

A Corporate social initiative

“ People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware. ”

Providing safety security & monitoring solutions

for government / Non - government establishments across the globe

About Suraksha

Suraksha is a word derived from Hindi language which means safety. In today’s scenario our society is more concern about the safety and security. Irrespective of the rules and regulations directed by the government / corporate from time to time the number of emergency situations are increasing day by day.

Exalt Securities Solutions India Pvt Ltd is a group concern of Exalt incorporated in 2012 with the vision to provide safety, security and monitoring related systems across the world. Suraksha@ school – a conclusive solution for a collective concern is the first product and through continues research and development we introduced few other products as well which aims at safety.

What We Offer You

  • Real time Tracking and monitoring
  • SMS & Email notification
  • Less Potential collisions
  • Web based reporting
  • Historical data

Our Products

RTLS ( Real Time Locator System)

Essi Offers best in class RTLS systems including powerful active RFID readers, tags and highly customizable application software that address complex operational requirements of healthcare providers. Patient can be automatically located and tracked in real time with highest levels of security in a hospital environment without any affect on existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Suraksha VTS for police, fire and rescue services

Surakhsa VTS a safeguard feel for police and other authorities, knowing where and how our school vehicles are being used and can provide the public an accident free transport for a better tomorrow.

Why Choose Us

exalt group of companies

simple, safe & secure

A conclusive solution for a collective concern...
A cutting edge system designed with the sole aim of enhancing safety of school going children while at school and in transit.

ensuring Accountability

The system helps the stakeholders to ensure the Accountability as the system ensures all the stakeholders participation and thus the accountability can be ensured. System will be able to prevent unauthorized person driving the vehicle, over speeding & overloading and ensure safety and security.

Improve Safety and Efficiency

The system helps to Improve Safety and Efficiency as the School officials can quickly and easily track students entering and leaving buses and be in the best position to answer parents' questions.  Suraksha@School mission is to make student tracking easy, secure and affordable.


Effective Communication

Suraksha @ school provides Effective Communication with parents and other stakeholders.

Enhanced Reactive System

Enhanced reactive system with police, fire and rescue services.

efficiency & Cost Saving

Our Suraksh VTS Cost effective, Fuel efficient, Time Saving and Safety solution.

Real Time Locator

Track people and assets, monitor environment , manage emergency situations, triggers alerts and generate advanced reports to help full utilization of critical resources.

Some of Our Major clients.

Our clients have been many and varied - big and small, that are scattered across the world in wide variety of market sectors.