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ESSI incorporated in 2012 with the vision of providing safety, security and monitoring solutions for Government/Non-government establishments across the globe.

Providing safety security & monitoring solutions

for government / Non - government establishments across the globe

About Suraksha

Suraksha is a word derived from Hindi which means safety. In today’s scenario our society is more concern about the safety and security. Irrespective of the rules and regulations directed by the government from time to time the number of emergency situation relating with the safety is increasing day by day.

Exalt Securities Solutions India Pvt Ltd is a group concern of Exalt incorporated in 2012 with the vision to provide safety related systems across the world.

What We Offer You

  • Real time Tracking and monitoring
  • SMS & Email notification
  • Less Potential collisions
  • Web based reporting
  • Historical data


A conclusive solution for a collective concern... A cutting edge system designed with the sole aim of enhancing safety of school going children while at school and in transit.

The system helps the stakeholders to ensure the Accountability as the system ensures all the stakeholders participation and thus the accountability can be ensured.

The system helps to Improve Safety and Efficiency as the School officials can quickly and easily track students entering and leaving buses and be in the best position to answer parents' questions.

Track people and assets, monitor environment , manage emergency situations, triggers alerts and generate advanced reports to help full utilization of critical resources.


Effective tracking system for students - Suraksha@School is a system to ensure the safety of the school going children through continuous monitoring and tracking in transit and at school.

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Suraksha vehicle tracking solution (vts)

Suraksha VTS is a real time vehicle tracking system installed in any vehicle (car, bus, truck, boat, etc.) allows owners, managers, logistic teams to keep track of where their assets are at any time.

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Suraksha @ Campus

A cutting edge system in latest design and technology enhancing security management and operations inside the campus.This is a system which includes effective zonal wise tracking of security personals by using a web based system.

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surakhsa for HOSPITALS

Essi Offers best in class RTLS systems including powerful active RFID readers, tags and highly customizable application software that address complex operational requirements of healthcare providers.

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Suraksha for police, fire and Rescue Services

Surakhsa VTS a safeguard feel for police and other authorities, knowing where and how our school vehicles are being used and can provide the public an accident free transport for a better tomorrow.

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Few Words From Our Satisfied Customers

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“We have installed and implemented Suraksha@ School system in Carmel Higher Secondary School, Vazhuthakkadu on 23/5/2012 and we have been conducting pilot study from then onwards. The system helped the institution mechanism to ensure the Safety, Security and Monitoring of the children at school. I would like to highly recommend Suraksha@ School as an important project which should be kept as a mandatory for all the schools& students in the state of Kerala.

Sister Renita, Director

Carmel School.

Our domains

Makes Intelligence

We offer industry-specific solutions in six key industry sectors.Through substantial investments in RFID solutions we have developed industry-specific solutions for key industry sectors.

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Suraksha VTS

Fleet or personal vehicles, Manage efficiently OR Real Time Vehicle Location

Suraksha VTS is a real time vehicle tracking system installed in any vehicle (car, bus, truck, boat, etc.) allows owners, managers, logistic teams to keep track of where their assets are at any time. Our device is very easy to install in any vehicle and even easier to use and take advantage of its features once up and running.

  • Live vehicle tracking and Multiple vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle stop alerts, Device tampering, Route deviations and Geo fencing
  • Call any vehicle from control center, Emergency panic button
  • Multiple Vehicle Tracking Dashboard, Geo-Fencing Alert, Extensive Reports

Suraksha VTS provides you with an extensive range of vehicle tracking reports so that you can use this information to improve processes, increase efficiency and drive down spend on fuel.

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Some of Our Major clients.

Our clients have been many and varied - big and small, that are scattered across the world in wide variety of market sectors.